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Based on  living narrative scene with a physical environment and a sequence of actions -probably humane  interaction- to send a message

>> example 

unlike animation this option doesn't involve narrative of living scene , it represent abstract graphic elements ,icons and text in motion           >> example 

the simplest type depending on flat shapes or lines 

The text is the star of the sow here where each word is animated to convey a message or feeling . It ca be supported with minimal graphics or photography

 >> example

based on a recording of a computer/ mobile screen, to showcase a software product like how to use a sustain app or Web .

 >> example

take your photoshoot or life video editing to the next level by adding text and graphical motion effects ( photoshoots and video provided by the client )

>> example

Illustration style                        Pick One Only 

consist of simple flat solid areas or outlines with no or minimal light and shadow effect and volume 

all objects here have full volume like your screen has a depth and you can nearly stretch your hand and touch them 

mimicking hand drawing or painting with pencil, water color or other mediums 

cutting and re-and re-arranging  parts from previously-made images or arts and into a new abstract compositions. 


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